Welcome to Material Science.

Material Science has never stopped its investment in R&D as well as in recruitment of talented personnel since its foundation. That is because we know those who are the pillars we need in order to take the lead in the development of OLED materials. To better response to the rapid global display market changing, our proud and brilliant researchers and engineers have fully focused on developing OLED materials. Now based on our own know-how and technologies, we are ready to offer excellent-quality and competitive products.

Material Science is now both ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified, meaning we have achieved not only a quality management but an environmental friendliness in compliance with the international standards.

Under the business circumstances shifting day by day, all members of the company have shared efforts in making self-innovations, technological development and a critical course to create a new future for all.
Under the vision of a “Small but Strong, Innovative and Profit Sharing Company", Material Science will never stop its journey to become a world-class player in the OLED field.

All executives and employees of Material Science promise to value customer satisfaction at most by supplying top-quality products. Through such a customer-oriented management, we will keep trying to become a trusted and beloved company in the global market.

Thank You.

Sang Dea Kim, CEO